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Friday, March 7, 2008

Weight Scare

Hey everyone! Just wanted to update you on our little monkey! I just can't believe how much I love her still! The dogs are adjusting even though they miss the attention they used to get. They are very curious about her and seem to accept her already.

Last Saturday, we had a little scare. I had noticed that she wasn't going very often and I had waited about 4 hrs to change her diaper and it was still dry. Plus she was very fussy when she was awake and was always hungry. I imagined this was all because I am nursing and my milk hadn't come in yet, but I just wasn't so sure. I had my friend, Marci over with with her husband and her 2 boys for dinner. I asked her what she thought. She didn't think it was too much to worry about, but called my pediatricians office for me, just to be on the safe side. Since it was late, they weren't there, but there was an on call doctor. We decided to call my sister, who is a nurse at the E.R. at the new IMC hospital in Murray. She said she would talk to a nurse and call back. Once she called back she said the nurse told her if it had been about 4 hours and she hadn't at least peed, then it might be something serious. She told her to look for tears when she cried.

Now I was worried. We took her temperature and it was a little high, but nothing to rush her to the hospital for. I finished nursing her. My sister called back and said she had spoken with a doctor that said it was more like if she hadn't gone in 6 hrs instead of 4, then to be worried. It had been about an hour since I checked her diaper last and when I checked it again, she had gone. Thank God! I went to bed feeling better about the situation. I was still concerned though about how she was eating though. The next morning my mom said that she was still worried and I agreed. I called the on call pediatrition and explained the situation and she said to be safe and bring her into the kids care clinic that morning. In the mean time, my milk had finally come in. Thong and I took her to the doctor. They weighed her and she had lost a whole pound from when she was born. On the day we took her home, she weighed 6 lbs 7 oz. And now she was down to 5 lbs 13 oz. Now I was scared all over again. The doctor told me to make sure to feed her whenever she was hungry and to not let it be more than 5 hrs from the last feeding. I had an appointment the next day with the normal pediatrician and she wanted me to keep it to have her weight checked again. They also took her blood that day to check on jaundice. She said she would call me with the results later that day. We went home feeling anxious but felt that Peyton would be okay. She called a few hrs later and said everything looked fine. On Monday, I took her in with my mom. She was weighed again and now weighed 5 lbs 15 oz. She gained 2 whole oz! I was so glad. The doctor said though they had to check her jaundice level again and check her electrolytes as well. She said she would call later with the jaundice but could let me know the results of the electrolytes before we left. She said that if they were low though that she would have to spend the night at Primary Childrens. Of course I started to cry and called Thong to tell him about it. I told him I would call back and let him know what the doctor said. About 10 minutes later the doctor came back and said her electrolytes were fine she she was okay to go home for the day. She said though to supplement after every feeding with formula. She also said to feed her every 3 hrs since we were trying to get her weight up. She had said that if she hadn't gained at least an oz. by the next day, then she would have to go to Primary Childrens for sure.

I called Thong and told him about it. When I got home, I made sure to feed her just like I was told and paid attention to how many times I was having to change her diapers. I worried all day and all night long and then took her in the next day for just a weigh in. I just kept thinking, please weigh more, please weigh more!!! Well sure enough she did! She weighed 6 lbs 5 oz!!! Can you believe that in just one day! The doctor told me to stop giving her the formula after ever feeding and to come in next week for the 2 week appointment. I was so relieved! What a scare! Now, for the most part, Peyton seems pretty content. I have started giving her a bottle a day though because she didn't seem to be getting full from breast milk. Wednesday was the hardest day since it was my first day on my own. My mom left on Tuesday night. Peyton misses her!!! She was fussy that day and night and I couldn't get her to settle down enough to go to sleep. Finally I gave her a bottle that she had no problem taking and she was fine. She fell asleep shortly after. That started the bottle a day, and it seems to be helping her. I will talk to the pediatrician on Tuesday about it and see what she says to do.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

She's Here!!!!

Say hello to Peyton Lei. She was born on Tuesday, 2/26 at 11:35 PM. She weighed 6 lbs 13 oz and is 20 inches long. I know I am partial being her mother and all, but I can't help but brag! She's just so stinkin' cute! She really looks like her daddy as you can see from the photo below!!

I went into labor on Monday night (Feb 25) about 8:00 pm. The contractions were about 20 minutes apart and were not very strong. I didn't go to bed until 12:30 am that night. About 2:00 am I woke up with much stronger contractions. I timed them for about an hour and they were down to six minutes apart. I woke up my husband to let him know that we may have to go to the hospital in about an hour or so. I got up and went to get something to eat, and get the rest of my things ready. Once I did that though, my contractions were all over the place. They went from 20 minutes, to 8 minutes, back up to 15 minutes. When I had gotten up, I called my parents, that live in St. George, to let them know that I might be leaving for the hospital in about an hour. My dad said he would wake my mom up to start heading up. Little did I know that he had told my mom that I was actually headed to the hospital then, instead of what I had said. So I was up from about 3:30 am to 5 am. No real progress was happening with the contractions though. So I fell asleep on my couch watching the news. I woke back up at 7:30 am and called my mom. I told her I was home and that the contractions weren't steady enough. She was surprised that I wasn't at the hospital since my dad told her we were leaving 4 hrs prior. I told her to just come to my house. My husband left for work and I told him, once I was close enough with my contractactions, I could have my mom take me to the hospital. He works just across the street from the hospital but we live 25 minutes away. So he was worried about time. This helped relieve his stress. My mom got to my house just after 9 am. We hung out at home for a bit and then went to BabiesRus and got a glider. We went and picked up my sister and then headed to Cafe Rio and came back to my house to eat lunch. By now my contractions were back down to 6 minutes steady again. I didn't eat much lunch at all. I think I was too anxious. Plus my contractions were really hurting by now. I had an appointment that day with my doctor at 3:45 but I called and said I was having close enough contractions to go to the hospital. We got to the hospital at 4:00 and met Thong there. My contractions weren't 3-5 minutes apart, but I thought my doctor was still out of town and so I wanted to see how far off I was. When we got there, I was told that my doctor was in fact back in town. I was really relieved that she was back in town.

So they headed me off to a room. I answered a bunch of questions and they checked how far along I was. I was far enough that they were admitting me. I kept telling my mom all the way there, that they were sending me back. But luckily that didn't have to happen. Soon after, my water was broken and I was given the epidural and that really helped a lot. I am glad that I did the epidural. It took the focus off the pain of the contractions and helped me relax and get ready for the pushing. I think I would have been exhausted by the time I started pushing if I wouldn't have done the epidural.

While we were anxiously waiting, Thong was entertaining us all. He helped pass the time and kept us laughing the whole time.

About 10:45 PM I started to push. The nurse called my doctor at home. I pushed for about 10 minutes and then the nurse told me to stop and wait for the doctor. It took her about another 20 minutes to get there and then I started again. I only pushed for about another 10 minutes once she got there. The whole expiernce was just so overwhelming. And at the end, I had this beautiful new little baby girl in my arms. And she was worth every moment that it took to get her here!!! I never thought that I could love another person, besides my husband, so much!!!

As you can imagine, I probably won't be stamping for a little while, but I have a lot of stuff to work on for her room, so I will start posting again with projects hopefully soon.

In the meantime, Happy Stampin'!