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Saturday, August 9, 2008

I Finished!!!

Have you read Breaking Dawn yet? I won't give anything away in case you haven't. The story wasn't what I was expecting, but I loved it!!!! So all I will say is you have to read it!!!

I went to the midnight release party with Stephanie, Kyto's girlfriend. We went to Barnes and Noble since that is where we both reserved our copy. I had to go on my lunch break that

Friday just to get a wrist band to buy the book. It was about 20 people per group # and Steph and I were #19.

So we got to B&N about 11:45 that night. And let me just tell you, it was a mad house!!!! I couldn't believe it! There were so many people there that the store was in violation of fire code. An announcement kept getting made to tell people to back out of the center aisle so that they wouldn't get shut down by the fire department. You would think this would make people move. It sure didn't!

Luckily my friend Sarah called. She wanted to know if we had gotten our copies yet. By this time, it was 12:15 and we were still standing in the store waiting for our chance to buy our book. The store was on group #5. She said that she got her book at Smith's Grocery and no one else was even there. She also said that they had a table full of copies. So that convinced Steph and I to hurry the heck out of there! Not only was B&N crowded, but it was extremely hot by that time too!

I think that the problem that B&N had I think was the organizing. There were people that had red wristbands, like Steph and I. There were people that had pink wristbands. These were people who went to the book release party but didn't reserve a copy. And then there were people with no wristbands at all. And there wasn't anyone to available to make sure that people who didn't have a wristband or reserved copy was waiting outside the store.

Plus there was my problem too :-). I am almost 30 years old. That's right, I said it! But I certainly didn't have the patience that night for the under 20 crowd that mostly made up the customers.

So, like I said, Steph and I left and went to Smith's as soon as we could. Once we got there, there were a bunch of people there (some even dressed in "bridesmaids dresses" that were at the B&N release party earlier too.) We walked up to the table and grabbed the last copies! We finally had our books.

Definitely read it! It's really good! Let me know how you like it, or don't too.

Happy Stamping and Happy Reading also!