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Sunday, April 8, 2012

On The Hunt

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday with your family! It's finally a beautiful and warm spring day here in Salt Lake. It's been had to have both here for some reason. You would think after living here most of my life, I would be used to it. But I am really looking forward to nice warm weather again! I can't wait for it to be nice and sunny! At least 70's to 80's. That's not too much to ask, right?

Yesterday we took Peyton to the local community Easter egg hunt in Herriman. She and my nephew were sort of out of their element and intimidated by all the other kids there. So they were not completely sold on the idea of going into the middle of the designated area and just picking up candy, eggs, cotton candy, popcorn and a bunch of other things.

Lindsi, me, Peyton and OJ getting ready for the hunt!

What a ham is he!

A look of pure terror and nervousness!
And the aftermath! Peyton was too nervous to pick up anything off the ground, but a few things. Then when it was all said and done, she was sooooo upset that she only had a few things in her bucket! It's so tuff to be 4! Good thing Daddy promised to take us to get ice cream later that day!
On top of the hunt, Herriman had some little activities going on. Unfortunately it was too cold to stick around and experience all of them, so we just stayed long enough to go down the bouncy slide once, and eat a free slice of Little Caesar's Pizza Pizza!
Happy Easter everyone! Hope you have a great day! I think we are finally going to get to spend some time outside! Can't wait to get on my bike again!

Stay Crafty!