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Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year And Happy Crafting!

Hey everyone! Just wanting to wish you all a happy and healthy 2009. I am excited to start this new year off! Even though it's just the change of the calendar year, it still is a time to reflect on what I have to be grateful for and what I want to change in my life going forward. One of my resolutions as you can probably tell is to make sure to post a lot more. Last year was so awesome and crazy at the same time with the birth of my first child. Now that she is turning 1 within the next few months, I have been able to start getting back into doing more things that I love like working on my blog, reading and crafting! I posted a some projects that I have done the last few months as well as updated pictures of my daughter that I hope you guys all enjoy. She really is a sweetheart!

As I get ready to post more projects that I have already made as well as future projects still in my head {there are too many taking up space!}, I just want to mention one thing quickly. In the process of creating anything from scrapbook pages, to cards, to picture frames, to jewelry and hopefully the Christmas village that I want to have completed by next Christmas, and much, much more, my inspiration for all of these things come from many places. I get inspiration from the many other blogs that I love to visit, from magazines that I subscribe to, from a label on a package of crackers, to a color combination from a beautiful dress that I found in one of my favorite shopping sites. My point is, inspiration comes from everywhere. It's all around us. And especially being crafters, our biggest inspiration is each other. I am blessed to have great friends who love to craft as much as I do and who are better at it than I am {yes, Amber Lafata, I'm talking about you!!!} I always try to mention where a certain inspiration came from and a list of products that are needed to complete the projects that I create. Sometimes we don't even realize where the idea or inspiration may have originated from. I am sorry if this makes anyone upset, but I do try to mention as much as I can and give credit to the right people and places. I just want to say thanks for visiting so often and please, please come back soon!

Again, Happy New Year and Happy Crafting Everyone!!!


Family Connection said...

Hey Leanna. great updates. Peyton is so cutie. hope all is well

Amber said...

ohhhh you are to nice!! I love what you said about where we get insipred and who inspires us and all I have to say is that if people get there feelings hurt from someome else copying there idea's, than maybe they should not post them on there blog. Love ya!!