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Monday, June 9, 2008

First Things First

It's official! I love being a mom! So it doesn't hurt that my daughter is the sweetest, most beautiful girl ever!!! Okay, so I am a little biased! But I do truly love her! She is so happy most of the time. And she has such a big smile! After the scares in the beginning, it is good to see her get settled into herself and to start watching her discover everything and everyone around her. We took her to Kyto's (my brother-in-law) football game on Saturday, and she just loved watching all the people and seeing the people move around on the field (even though she can't see clearly that far away). She also had fun at the Bee's game we went to a couple weeks ago. She was just watching everyone then too. It's amazing how much more alert she has become in the last 3 months. She turned 3 months on 5/26. The last picture here to the right, that is what we like to call her "Daddy Face". Yes, she looks mostly like him anyway, but as you can see, she also mimics his expressions! My cousin, Kristin, took these adorable pictures. She works at Kiddie Kandids. I love the way they turned out. Hope you like the pics!!!

Happy Stamping Everyone!