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Thursday, June 17, 2010

There's Nothing Like Free Stuff In The Mail!

This week I received two packages of free goodies! The first one was from Scrapbook Trends Magazine. It was because of winning a contest from them about a month ago. If you remember it was a birdhouse I had made for my mom for Mother's day. I was so excited to open my box of goodies. I had no idea what was being sent to me, I just knew it was going to be "...a fabulous prize package from one of our sponsors..." . So I waited and waited and I was extremely pleased when I opened the box and found some of the Lush line from My Minds Eye.

Here are the pics below of what I received:

I was so excited when I opened the box and it was full of My Minds Eye Lush line! I started my first page in the blue mini album. I decided I was making it  full of my favorite song lyrics. I am a sucker for good music and if the lyrics are really good, then I can't not love the song. So I get lyrics stuck in my head and then I want to try to remember them and so I decided an album was the perfect way to do it. I have 3 pages almost completed so far. It's hard to choose the songs, but it's fun just doing it. I figured it was a good project about me. I have been scrapbooking some more pics of Pey too so I will get those pages posted soon!

On to the next box of free goodness :D. As I mentioned I made my first design team for Reverie Creations. Later this week I got my paper kit, rub-ons and adhesive. So I am going to use them to make a scrapbook page and card!!! So I can't wait to show you guys the results. The paper I got is totally my style so I was excited when I got it.

Here is what I got:

I love how shiny the rose paper is!

I started using this adhesive yesterday and am liking it a lot. It's cheaper than the tape runner I usually use so I am switch to it! I am trying to decide though if I want to get one of the great big Scotch tape runners though because I go through adhesive so freaking fast! So we will see.

This is the backside of both pieces of pattern paper. I love these color of yellow.

I am off to do a little crafting before I head out to my brother in laws football game to work the gate! Hopefully I can get some fun stuff done today. Have a good weekend everyone!