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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Something In The Works

Hi Everyone! I have a project that I am working on but it is taking me a little while to complete so I figured I would post a picture of the work currently in progress. Sorry it is so dark! It was taken at night with my cell phone! Excuses, sorry!

Here is the pic though:

I can't wait to get it finished! But the roof is freakin' hard to do! So it is taking some practice but I will get it on there!

The wreath was made with the bird punch from Stampin' Up! The punch consists of the bird, wing and branch. So I took the branch and punched out several of them and started to wrap them around in the wreath shape. Then I snipped of the branch ends that poked out the back. It's not a perfect circle. But I think it will be okay. And no I know I can duplicate it! I still have more paper to add onto the front of the roof, that is why I haven't attached the wreath yet. And knowing me I will probably put a huge flower on the chimney! You guys know I love my big flowers :-). Also, once I get the roof done, I have gold and silver glass glitter that I am putting along the edges of it! Can't wait!!!!! Then only 4 more houses to go, plus landscaping and I have my village :-). I doubt I will have it all finished before Christmas, but it will be something that I think I will love for a long time to get out for Christmas every year!!!

I am looking forward to working on some Halloween projects though too, so we shall see where my mood takes me :-).

I am off for the night! Thanks for visiting :-)


Amber said...

I cant wait for you to finish it!! And I love all your comments that you leave on my blog, they really do mean a lot to me... love ya!! sista