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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun With Foam

Sometimes do you just not feel that creative spark! Do you ever get so excited to go craft, sit down to do it, and then..... Nothing! That is what happened to me last night. I haven't felt that way for a long time. But sure enough it happened. So I watched a little bit of T.V. in my craft room instead - How I Met Your Mother & Big Bang Theory {Love those shows!} - and then decided to go downstairs and work on my Ipod.

Whataya do!

Tonight I went and got a foam wreath to work on a project that I have been wanting to tackle for about 3 months now. I have seen all kinds of cool versions of this, and I have in my head how I want it to turn out, so we will see how it goes. But I am going to make a wreath with book pages!!!! Can't wait! To see the one Amber made, check out her blog! It is awesome! I love it!

Tonight, Peyton and I had a little crafting fun together. She got a foam princess crown and foam stickers. So we sat down and decorated her crown for like 20 minutes! I kept asking her if she was finished and she kept saying, "No, not quite yet mama!" It was pretty cute!

Here is what we came up with:

Peyton, you are such a total ham!

Princess and Daddy!

This was a fun and inexpensive project. I haven't ever bought the foam stuff before for her, but I can tell she is going to be wanting more. It was a perfect craft for a girl that wants to be so crafty! She cracks me up because she is such a tomboy but she loves to be girly and wear dresses and pretend to put on makeup and do her hair. And she loves to craft just like her mama!!!

Hope everyone is doing good! I am on the lookout for some crafty inspiration! Any suggestions, let me know :D


Miriam Ika Marshall said...

That is way cute, i think i will need to make me a crown!! PLEASE!! Peyton is just so stinking cute!!

Amber said...

Peyton actually did a really good job! And we need to craft together!!! To inspire each other.