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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Wedding Shower Present

Last weekend, one of my husband's oldest friends got married. It was a beautiful wedding, reception and location! Shauna and her new husband, Eloy were married at the Mill Creek Inn up Mill Creek Canyon, here in Salt Lake. I wasn't able to go to her wedding shower the week before, so I added her shower present into her main wedding present.

About a month ago, Amber, Marci and I went to an annual festival here in Utah called Swiss Days. It is up in Midway - one of my most favorite places in this world! - and there is tons of crafty goodness everywhere there!!!!!! One of our most favorite booths was a booth that had these most darling stands! They were made of things, you wouldn't ever think of. Picture frames on top of candle sticks, plates on top of glasses, and on and on! So Alice in Wonderland for sure! I knew I needed to make one. So for Shauna's shower present that is what I made here. I was in a hurry when I took the pictures, so unfortunately I didn't get a good one to really be able to tell what it's made from. For her shower, I was assigned the color black.

Here is what I made:

Do you like that you can see Peyton in the background! She sees the camera and thinks she needs to be in the pictures!

All wrapped up. Yep, that is Peyton's hand and shoulder that you see there too! I know you can't really see it in the pic too well, but I live the cream and gray ribbon that I used to wrap up the package! It was super cheap from one of my most favorite stores, Tai Pan Trading.

So here are the details: The plate and cup {the stand part} are both from Tai Pan Trading. The plate was $2 and the cup was $1. Yep, that's all they cost! Right after we went to Swiss Days, I went to Tai Pan and got a green plate and pink bowl to make stands as well. How much fun are these! Perfect for a bedside table for jewelry, or to serve a special dessert! I used E6000 glue to attach the cup to the plate, let it dry over night, and then added the ribbon and paper. All the paper is Stampin' Up!. The punches, glitter and stamps are as well. The fabric {turquoise and cream} is Joanne's and I can't remember the brand of the black extra thick grosgrain ribbon. I can't wait to make more of these! I think they are a fun and unique gift.

For wedding and shower presents, my most favorite thing to do is to get a bunch of stuff from the registry list, and get a fun basket to put everything in, and have it all wrapped up in cellophane! For Shauna and Eloy, we got cookie sheets, a shaker, measuring glass, a picture frame, water goblets, a door mat and some other things. Again, from Tai Pan Trading, I got a huge basket and put everything inside. I wrapped it all up with cellophane and then tied it all together with ribbon, fabric and flowers! The basket was absolutely huge, so here is a picture of the pretty wrapping, since it was hard to get a big pic of everything:

I love the flower! I took a long stemmed rose {again from Tai Pan :-)} and took all the leaves and flowers off the stem. Then I glued the pieces onto the ribbon and fabric. So no, it's not too easy to open, but it sure looks pretty, and that's what really matters, right! He he he! I love giving pretty wrapped presents. I know it really isn't the case, but it always makes me feel like whatever is inside is even better because the outside looks so nice! I am a cheese, I know!

Well, I am off to hopefully do a little crafting before I head off to bed. We shall see if I will actually get anything done though! {Probably watch a little Vampire Diaries!!! That's for you ljkwoody!}

One last thing before I am off... I love the new Add Images feature for Blogger. It is so much better than even the last update. You can upload more than one picture at a time, and add them all at the same time! Yay, it's about time!

Alright, I am off! Till next time...


Amber said...

First: I'm so glad that you posted on your blog, I have been waiting for, like ever!!
Secound: I love your bowl and the colors and the fabric and the sparkle glitter..... I love it all!!
Third: i don't own a fountain machine in my craft room, there for I have to drink my diet coke out of the can!!!

Young and Crafty said...

What a great gift! I love the part you added to it to make it more personalized!

Thanks for linking up to SS!

Hannah @

Diane said...

Love that plate stand and the presentation is gorgeous Ÿ