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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween & Happy Birthday Hubby!

Hi Everyone! Hope you  have all had a great Halloween weekend! It was a lot of fun here! Not only was today Halloween, but it is also Thong's birthday! We celebrated by waking up early with Peyton, watching Disney movies in our bed, letting Peyton head down to St. George with her "Pink Gramma" and Papa {Pink Gramma is the name she has given my mom! She gave Thong's Mom the name of "Black Gramma!} until Friday, went to Simply Sushi with Thong's brother, Kyto and friend Bean, came back to watch football and take a nap {Thong did the watching, I did the napping!}.

Are you guys Trick-Or-Treating tonight or did you already yesterday? Here in Utah, most people did it yesterday. We took Peyton to the mall here. There were so many kids in costume and it was a lot of fun! She was the cutest little witch ever, if I do say so my self! :) Here she is in her costume glory!

I had this bright idea to spray the tutu, hat and shirt with glitter. So I got glitter body/hairspray to add it on. Can I just tell you, glitter is all over my house now!!!! It is everywhere! On my couch, kitchen floor, on my dogs, on me and Thong, on our clothes! Great idea I had :)

Thank you Marci for selling me your priceless plastic cauldron so I could use it to go with Peyton's costume as her candy bucket and decorate it up a bit! The $45 was totally worth it! :-). Okay, I didn't really spend that much. You can't tell from this picture, but the handle is covered with ribbon, there is orange flower trim around the brim, and then the green flower has an orange center and purple rhinestone brad. I searched and searched all over for a plastic cauldron and couldn't find one!!! So my good friend Marci was kind enough to let me have hers for the price of a fountain Diet Coke. Deal!:) Thanks Marci!

Aren't these the cutest leggings! The tutu, hat and leggings are from Swiss Days back in September. I love this costume! Gotta love the spider socks too!

This picture just makes me laugh!

Peyton was so done with pictures but I kept trying. Didn't turn out so well but this picture totally captures Peyton in this moment. The moment was "Mom, I just want to get my trick-or-treat on!"

Like most little girls, Peyton is obsessed with the Disney princesses! But when we saw 4 of them dressed up yesterday at the mall, she did not want to even get close to them!!! So in order to convince her to get her picture taken with them, I had to do it with her, and even then she was still not wanting to do it. Now when she sees the picture she talks about them, but she was not having it in that moment!

On the way home from the mall, Peyton fell asleep and was down for the count! We were going to go up to my brothers house to go hang out with the Fam, but that didn't happen. But like I mentioned, she ended up going to my parents house and won't be back until Friday! It is going to be a quiet week for sure!!!!

Thong and I are spending the rest of his birthday going grocery shopping at Walmart and then coming back and watching The Event! Woot! Happy birthday Hun! I love you and I can't imagine a life without you! You make everyday better and I am proud to be your wife.

Hope you all have a great rest of October and I look forward to November!!! Turkey and stuffing! Can't wait!!!