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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Listography: If I Could I Would...

I'm in a mood for lists today! So bare with me for one more :-)

1. Eat dessert everyday.

2. Always wake up on the right side of the bed and be happy.

3. Make a living out if being crafty. I have lots of ideas but haven't gotten anything going yet.

4. Dance to my own theme music all the time! He he he. I always wanted to be in a musical :-) "I feel pretty..."

5. Sleep in everyday and stay up until 3 am. I'm a bit of a night owl.

6. Buy a sweet NIKON SLR camera. And take classes on how to use it too.

7. Figure out how to make the days longer and need less sleep. That way I could get everything I want done in a day! I know, I'm crazy :-)

8. Go to Disneyland at least 4 times a year! Hehehe.

9. Visit Wine Country. I've always wanted to go.

10. Not be so afraid of trying to be crafty for a living :-)

11. Get my motorcycle licence so I can drive an Easter Egg blue moped.

12. Get my weight down 40 more lbs. I can do it!!

13. Go on a Mediterranean cruise. I want to see Europe so bad!!!

14. Blog and craft every day.

I am off for the day! I promise :-). Make it a good one!