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Monday, March 7, 2011

My Short Little Break From Blogging Turned Into A Long One!

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all good! I can't believe how long it's been since I have posted anything. In my defense I have been super busy. I went from quiting my job, to going to Disneyland 2 days after my last day, taking a week to recover from my 5 days there, to starting my new job! Then it was Peyton's birthday and a few days after that it was mine! Wow, February sure went by fast...

Back to Disneyland - it was so much fun! It was Peyton and I, while Thong stayed home with the pup's, worked, played poker and watched movies. He called it his Bachelor week :). In the mean time, Peyton and I went with my sister and her husband; my brother, his wife and 4 kids; and last but not least, my parents. We stayed in a motel across the street, within walking distance and spent 5 WARM and funfilled days in the

 Happiest Place On Earth.

Peyton fell in love with a Cinderella tutu, and then of course I had to get her princess ears to go with it! I love this pic of her. What you don't see though is what a total princess diva she was being while I was trying to snap it! :)

This is one of the first pictures taken on our first day. We had to get a picture of "Cinderella's Castle"! Yes, I know it's Aurora's Castle, but Peyton LOVES Cinderella, so she dubbed it Cinderella's Castle. She stayed certain of it until close to the end when she finally got to venture inside.

My parents got Peyton this Tiana dress. It's absolutely darling! She fell in love when she saw her in real life too! Even though Cinderella is her favorite princess, she told me that Tiana is now her 2nd favorite! Ha! Too funny! Tiana was so sweet and so great! And so pretty!

Card No. 1:

Stampin Up, American Crafts, Studio G, Martha Stewart

Card No. 2:

Stampin' Up!, Fancy Pants, Studio G, Martha Stewart, my stash

Card No. 3:

Stampin' Up!, Joanne's, My Mind's Eye, Darice, my stash

Card No. 4:

My Mind's Eye, Stampin' Up!, Studio G, American Crafts, my stash (sorry the pic is blurry! I don't have the card anymore, so I can't take another pic of it :()

Card No. 5:

Stampin' Up!, My Mind's Eye, Doodlebug Designs, American Crafts, my stash (sorry this pic is blurry too. I was in a hurry when I took the pictures :()

So when I was just about ready to post, I was doing spellcheck and I am not sure how, but I somehow erased this whole post! :(. I had gone into detail of all the supplies. And then because it auto saved right after, I lost everything for good! Ugh!!!! Unfortunately I am not going to be able to do that tonight again. So here is my post without all of those. But I hope you like it just the same. So if you are wanting to know any of the precise details, just leave a comment on what you would like to know, and I will let you know. Sorry!!!
And there you have it. Well, actually there are 10 more! But I will save them for another time :). Hope you all are well. I promise I won't be such a stranger!


Judy Bagwell said...

Glad you are back and that you had some fun at Disney.