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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Big News

So I eluded to some big news on one of my post earlier this month. I wanted to wait to say something over the World Wide Web until after my first appointment. Well, that occurred yesterday. My husband and I got to see the first ultrasound of our baby and were able to see the heart beat. We are really excited! Between me and my mom, we have already bought a lot of clothes, even though I won't be able to find out the sex for about 9 weeks or so. This is our first child - something unusual for our age in this neck of the woods :).

So Thong and I think the baby will be a boy. My sister-in-law agrees. But my parents, brother and seems a lot of friends think we are having a girl. I definitely want to find out as soon as possible. We will be making a trip to Fetal Photo as soon as I am far enough to find out the sex.

Yesterday at my first appointment, I learned that I am about 7 weeks and 3 days {as of yesterday}, determined by the size of the baby. According to the ultra sound it says 13mm. And the doctor gave a due date of 2/27/08. The funny thing is, my birthday is 3/2, so we may share a birthday. Also, Thong pointed out that next year is leap year. We may have a leap year baby!!!

I will try to keep updates here!
Hope you like the ultrasound pictures!


Anonymous said...

Leana and Thong,

I'm so happy for you guys!!! You will make great parents and I cannot wait for your little bundle of joy to arrive! I look forward to the many more ultra sounds and the fun showers! Love you guys!


Kim said...

CONGRATS!! What an exciting time for you! Hope you are feeling well! I know a lot of people here in Utah that have started their families late! Enjoy every kick!

Eric Jensen said...

A leap year baby would be awesome! Congrats and it was good to see you guys and meet Thong!