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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Au Chocolate Frame

I messed up but we can pretend that I did it on purpose! I forgot to put a protective finish over the ink before I added the mod podge on top and so now everything is all smeared! But I will just smile and say that I did it with stain or that I was going for a "diferent" effect. What can I say. I am the queen of messing up. I should be called repeat since I usually have to do everything twice. But I don't have 2 frames.

I look forward to Wednesday all week. When Thursday moring rolls around, as much as I love Grey's Anatomy, I still wish it were Wednesday so I could watch another episode of Lost!!!! So tonight was no exception and unfortunately I was mod podging all over the frame while I had my eyes on the T.V. (since I am such a good multi-tasker!) and when I looked back down, it was too late. The damage was done. It was smeared beyond covering up. I did my best to salvage it but it still isn't what i was hoping for. UUUGGGGGHHHHHHH!


This is a $5 frame from Roberts, the kind that comes unfinished. I haven't put a picture in yet but I will probably this weekend of my dogs.

I used my ribbon stash again. A lot of Stampin' Up! ribbon, Offray, All My Memories and anything else that was the right color.

I also used some of the hodge podge hardware kit for the oval book plate, brads, and ribbon slide. It is antique brass. I also used a pretty in pink brad in the middle of the flower. I used a pop dot to hold the flower above the frame.

I used Doodle This, Doodle That stamp sets, and Au Chocolate DS paper


Anonymous said...

ok wow!! I love your frame! I'am so going home tonight and making one. i cant wait!! Love it!!