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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hello! Anyone Out There! :-)

I have been going back and forth on whether to continue this blog or to start a typepad or some other option. I have had frustrations with Blogger in the past and that is part of what started my decline of posting - not the complete reason but definitely a part of it. Being a mom and working full time were also a factor. But here I am over six months since the last time I posted - actually showing a project this time!!!!! And I am not sure if any of you still are out there, but if you are, I would so love to hear from you!

I have been doing a lot of scrapbooking lately. I have a stack of photos that sits on my craft desk that I am desperately trying to get through before I print up any new ones. It's been a lot of fun to get back into it all again.

So here is the page that I worked on last night.

It was a struggle from the beginning. I have been on a little role lately but when I sat down last night, it just wouldn't come to me. I couldn't pick the right paper or decide on the color scheme, then I couldn't figure out how to do the hand made flowers that I wanted. Finally I got the paper flowers down - after many many many failed attempts. They are super easy to make!!

The idea came from:

The idea was post on 3/4 by Amber Packer. She also posted it on her blog. She's listed in my favorite blogs on the right side so check her out!

I've also seen them on other blogs that I have been following but Amber gave instructions!

My friend Amber Lafata is who showed me them to begin with with! Thanks Amber!!

Here is a basic rundown of how to make them.

  1. Cut any kind of paper in 1"x6" strips
  2. Get strips slightly wet
  3. Bend or fold into flower shape
  4. Hold together with a brad or other fastener in the middle
  5. Once dry, adhere to project with a glue gun or pop dot - for scrapbook pages I think pop dots work best.

For the flower in the bottom right hand corner - it was a total accident - cut about a 4" circle, or size of your choice. start cutting from the outside in a spiral and go in towards the middle. Get paper slightly wet. From the middle twist paper so the circle tightens up but so that it stays flat. If you have followed me before, you know that I love to junk things up with ink to give it an old, dirty sort of feel. So I just took my stamp pad and GENTLY rubbed it against the top of the flower.

If you use 2 sided patterned paper, fold the edges in a bit so you can see both sides. This will give it even another look!

As I mentioned that last flower was an accident. I was trying to do the fun and beautiful rosettes I keep seeing everywhere! Check out But I was starting from the middle and not the outside and didn't realize this until several hours had gone by that that wasn't going to give me the desired result. So in the mean time, this is what the result was of messing up over and over. And I ended up sort of really liking it! :D

On my little blogging vacation, I was still looking endlessly and reading as many blogs as I could. There are so many talented scrappers out there and I heart you all! Thanks for keeping me inspired and getting me back to posting!!!

Happy Scrapping Everyone!!


P.S. I also started a gallery. I get lots and lots of inspiration there! Check out my gallery and my favorites! Here is the link: