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Friday, March 26, 2010

On Your Mark, Get Set, Scrap! - Our Weekend Crafty Challenge

Once a month my friends Marci, Amber and I go to Stampin' Up! Club at Cindy Petersen's house {see her blog link in my list of favorite blogs!}. We got our orders in today with all our fun stuff. Amber proposed a challenge for all three of us and we are rising to the occasion!

Here is the skinny:

  • We each have to use every product that we got today.
  • Each of use will be able to use other products we already have to complete the projects.
  • We have to make 3 each of our chosen project - one for each of us. So this way once we exchange, we will have one of each person's project {this is also how we do our card exchanges}.
  • Results will be revealed Monday at work and displayed here that evening.
  • The winner of the cutest project is crowned Queen of Crafty!!! And the losers have to grovel at the winner's feet!!!
Okay, so all of the above apply except for the groveling. {You can ask both Amber and Marci, I wouldn't grovel, I'm too poor of a loser!} But you get the point! We are challenging ourselves to use what we bought and make it cute! It will be super super super fun! So take a look at the following pictures. They are the products each of us must use! Then make sure to come back to see the results!




Happy Scrapping Everyone!