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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fast Trip To Saint George And Already Back

This weekend my husband and I went to St. George for just a day. My mom and dad live down there along with my baby brother. My baby brother had his mission farewell today - so the whole family was down. My hubby and I went down only on Saturday because he plays in a Friday night poker league. So we left yesterday around noon. Today we got home about 10pm. Fast fast trip, but a lot went on in such a short period of time.

We had a get together last night with extended family and friends. Lots of good food and people I hadn't seen in years! It was pretty fun. Plus being down in St. George, the weather was nice and we got to have the festivities outside.

Last night we hung out at my parents house after everything and had a lot of fun! I made my daughter, my niece Malia, and my cousin Kristin's little girl, Abby all flower hair bows so they could wear them to church today. Malia's and Abby's I put them on clippies for the hair, but I put Peyton's on a pin since she has so many already and then I attached it to her shirt. All day today she kept showing it off. It was pretty cute! Here is a pic of the girls together.

Abby is the girl in the green and purple dress. Peyton is in the middle. Then Malia is on the right with the pink dress. I was trying to get a good picture of them together showing off their flowers but it didn't quite work out.

Funny story about the huge plastic lobster Abby is holding. Kristin's sister Shanna went back east along with their mom Peggy. Shanna bought Abby this lobster as a souvenir when they were in Boston. Kristin said Abby takes it everywhere with them! Including to church today! But the best part of the story is that Abby named the poor fellow "Crab"! How cute is that!

I tried to get some cute pictures of Peyton all fancied up for church. I wanted to get some pictures of her hair curled with her sponge curlers {and partially the curling iron} and her cutest skirt that she got for her birthday a few weeks ago along with her bow on her shirt. The pictures didn't turn out as planned, but still turned out super cute! Can't remember why exactly Peyton was crying for the last picture.

The skirt is so cute! As I said, it was a present from her birthday. So when I knew Peyton would be going somewhere where she needed to dress up, I couldn't resist having her wear it to church. My husband and I aren't church goers so we don't usually have anywhere for her to wear her dresses to other than just around the house or to the grocery store and such.

So I took Peyton's white undershirts, layered them and paired them with the skirt, leggings, and sandals. The results were pretty freakin cute! And she loved her flower on her shirt. So much so that I had to put it on her pajama's shirt just to get her to change! So she is in bed at this moment with the pin on her pajama shirt!!! She cracks me up! She may be only 2 but she is already her own person!

As I mentioned Peyton had her hair all curled {I should have taken a picture of her with the sponge curlers because it was also really cute!} and the final touch to everything was that we painted her little piggies for the first time ever. As you can tell from the first picture, I am not an expert toenail painter! I won't show you pictures of my feet painted - but I am sure you get the idea. Still though her toes were really cute and she was more than happy to show them off.

Here is a picture of Daddy and Daughter just as we are heading into church. Aren't they so cute together!

As we were getting ready for church, my mom started going through her hope chest to find the "Quiet Book" 's from when we were kids and from when my mom was a kid. In the search she pulled out two blankets that were hers when she was a kid. The clown blanket was her Kindergarten blanket. She told a funny story of how she hated it because her blanket wouldn't fit in her cubbie and she was always the last out to recess! She said her mom had made it for her and put a lot of time and effort into it. But of course being so little, her concern was elsewhere. She said she made my Grandma let her take another blanket to school that would fit easier!

It's hard to tell but each balloon had different pieces of info on it about my mom. Like one balloon shows that her phone number used to have the first 2 digits of it be letters! OS were the first 2 digits. Then the next five were numbers. Wow phones sure have changed! Also hard to tell from the photo is how cute the red and white polka dot fabric is! The other blanket is my mom's baby blankie {the little boy bum in the pic is my nephew OJ}. I love that so much of what we see today is vintage inspired. Both these blankets prove just that. Look at the elements that are still current today!

Peyton had left on Thursday night along with my dad and niece and 2 nephews. So my husband and I had a brief break from her. I couldn't wait to see her again though yesterday! She was crying so hard on Friday when I talked to her on the phone that she couldn't even talk. It was all she could do just to breath. But she finally calmed down after her homesickness and took a nap. When we got there on Saturday, she came to meet us outside and ran into Thong's arms! Then she proceeded to tell my dad "Bye Poppa!" She was completely ready to go home! It was pretty funny!

When we did actually leave today, she was asleep and was really sad to wake up in the car away from my parents house. But she did recover when I promised her she could get chicken nuggets and french fries! This last picture is of her trying to wake up from her much needed nap!

My baby brother Jordan is going to Montana, Billings for his mission. He leaves to the MTC on Wednesday where he will be for 3 weeks. He's done quite a bit to get to this point in his life and I am an extremely proud big sister! I was sad when I got home tonight only to realize that I didn't take any pictures of him in the last day since I won't see him for so long. But I will make sure to get some before he enters the MTC and will post them at that point.

All in all, it was a great weekend. And as all great things must do, it came to an end way to quickly. So I am off to dreamland now. But I can't wait to get these pictures developed to scrapbook!

Happy Scrapping Everyone!


P.S. This week I will show better pictures of the flower clippies and give instructions on how to make them!!!